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Plant arrangements

At FIORI plants are both an obsession and therapy. A trendsetter in the field of plant design our approach has always been to keep things simple. The successful combination of plant and container can elevate any plant to a piece of living sculpture – a design statement that adds style and character to your décor.

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Cactus in black square concrete pot

30,00 € each

Asparagus in cylindrical concrete pot

28,00 € each

Ficus benjamina in square ficonstone pot

28,00 € each

Mini cacti in cylindrical concrete pot

14,00 € each

Schlumbergera in square concrete pot

24,00 € each

Succulents in cylindrical concrete pot

16,00 € each

Mini cycas in cylindrical concrete pot

19,00 € each

Ficus benjamina bonsai in rectangular concrete pot

65,00 € each

Succulents in glass vase

48,00 € each
Results 21 - 34 of 34

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